Komgree (aka Guy) began his career as a senior chef at Jim Thompson, Manchester in 2005 where he developed a deep understanding in catering industry and used his interpretation of Thai cuisine into making tasty plates of food. It was in his interests to ensure that every dinner received the best experience from his cooking so they wanted to come back for more for his food. With his charisma and leadership, he quickly gained a position as a head chef in 2 other Thai restaurants where he led in operational excellence.

In 2009, he opened his first restaurant Khaosan Road Thai Bistro. The restaurant went on York Press newspapers as one of York's three favourite restaurants. In response to the popularity of his top-class cooking, he has then established 2 more restaurants in York namely Rice Style and Phranakhon Thai Tapas. Use the links below to explore more about his other restaurants.


Komgree's passionate in authentic Thai cooking with a modern twist. With his curiosity in Thai cuisine, he has continued to develop the recipes that excite people's taste buds over the past 15 years.


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